Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Chemical Modification of Guar Gum for Hydraulic Fracturing Process

The guar gum has acquired multiple applications particularly in the industry of crude extraction. This increasing application of this component has helped guar gum powder supplier and exporters to supply best quality guar gum to the global market and creating a win-win situation for guar gum powder manufacturer.

As per estimation it has been established that guar gum can be further modified to enhance its usages and effectiveness in oil well fracturing.

Hydraulic Fracturing Process 

This process is administered to catapult the oil well production and it is widely used in fields where crude is occurred from low permeability formations. Application of this process helps move crude easily from the rock to the well where they can further be pushed to the surface.

Hydrophobic Modification of Guar Gum

It has been seen that hydrophobic modification of the guar can increases the rheological characteristics as compared to the original guar because of uneven segregation of alkyl chains in the fluid.

This type of polymer can play a great role in the production of low molecular weight fracturing liquids. It can display very stable rheological characteristics which are very helpful in pumping.

Cross Linking Properties 

This type of cross linking agent is a primary element of the fracturing fluids. This can either be achieved through improved polymer concentration or by cross linking the polymer. Low usage of guar catapults the viscosity of the liquid and addition of the borate ions help in accelerating this viscosity. This type of combination is ideal for hydraulic fracturing process as the flow rate is easily reversed by mechanical shear.

Benefits of Gel Breaking Components in the Preservation Process of Hydraulic Fracture

As per research, carboxyl methyl guars can prove to be great gel breakers in the advanced stages of the hydraulic fracturing process. It can retain the viscosity of the solution while the pumping process and post pumping also.

Considering the above facts it is quite evident that the application of guar gum as a constituent in the hydraulic fracturing process is gaining momentum day by day. It has improved the demand of fine quality guar gum in the international market also.

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