Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Application of Guar Slurry in Oil Fields and Oil Extraction

Fast hydrating guar gum, which is also termed as guar slurry, is an especially produced guar gum with refined splits that is used for enhanced filtration and it reaches maximum viscosity within three minutes. As it has various grades having high viscosity, this element is also termed as diesel slurry guar gum.

Use of Fast Hydrating Guar in Industrial Product

This guar slurry is widely applied in the gas and oil drilling industries due to its fast viscosity and other beneficial properties. As the fast hydrating guar gum is packed with the exact chemical and physical characteristics, it is usually applied in oil extraction well. 

It lubricates and enhances its viscosity when applied in the exact Ph value ranging between 5 and 7. It lubricates the holes and cuts down loss of water thus cuts cost of this process and also enhances the production rates.

It is also applied as a viscosity agent of the mud solution that regulates the drilling mud process. In addition, guar gum powder is also an important ingredient in the process of cooling the drilling bits. It improved the process of extraction.

Growing Demand for Guar Slurry
This guar gum is also applied and found to be the most effective and economical element in extracting the oil. It is applied to increase the process of oil production. Because of its application an exponential growth rate has been noticed in the oil production making this agent high in demand.

Several countries across the globe use fast hydrating guar gum in processing their oilfields due to its chemical properties. Due to the growing quantity of different countries venturing into oil extraction sector, the demand of this component has multiplied manifolds.


At present India is the major exporter of total worldwide manufacturer of guar gum. Due to its exceptional properties and usages in various industries the demand of guar gum slurry is expected to rise in future.

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