Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Application of Guar Gum Powder in Cheese Processing

Cheese is a popular milk product widely applied in multiple types of food preparations along with garnishing, generating grainy food texture, etc. It is a vital ingredient used in many global cuisines. Processing of cheese is a long procedure, given different cheese types like creamy based, its stability and flavor based.

Preventing Syneresis Process – How Guar Gum Powder Helps

Syneresis is a process to drain out water from the gel like product. Guar gum is potent enough to work against syneresis process. This process is also called filtration process, widely used for production of milk based products like cheese, yogurt, margarine, etc. Excessive syneresis may result in failure in getting the appropriate texture of cheese. Here the role of guar gum is extremely important for cheese making as it prevents from excess syneresis keeping the cheese soft and within its right texture.

Guar Gum is Used in Obtaining Creamy Cheese

It offers a nice look to all milk products especially cheese and also help the product to stay consistent when it comes to texture. It also retains the uniformity across the product keeps up its thickness and retains its taste. Guar gum is one of the widely used additives used to neutralize the texture of cheese while offering this milk product a creamy appearance without changing the taste.

Guar Gum Powder Manufacturing at Adachi

Adachi is a one of the pioneer in manufacturing and supplying of guar gum powder for more than three decades. Our fast hydration guar gum is prepared undergoing the stringent quality checks making it premium quality product.


Powder of Guar gum is used in various types of food processing procedures and processing of milk product is one of the most vital applications of guar gum. It is known as the best additives in processing of creamy cheese as it stabilizes cheese taste, texture and its shelf life. So guar gum is as important in the processing of milk product as it is necessary in oil drilling machine.

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