Wednesday, 3 September 2014

India emerging as the Major Guar Gum Exporter in the Global Market

Demand for Guar Gum in the Global Market

The demand at global landscape for guar gum has exponentially increased with increasing gas and oil demand. It’s been used in America in the extraction of shale gas. Its demand is also high due to its cheap price and superior characteristics as a lubricant, stabilizer, controlling agent, and surfactant. All these properties are required in oil fields and gas derivation.

This growing demand has encouraged guar gum powder manufactures to produce more guar gum and supply it to various industries at global platform. No doubt, India has become the largest guar gum powder exporters and has reached to 75% share of world market as per the estimation of 2011.

Guar gum supplier in India touches the graph of supplying this product about 260,000 tonnes to 270,000 tonnes. It is nearly 40,000 to 50,000 tonnes more from 2010 export.
Production of Guar in India
It is derived from guar seeds, and the plant is mostly cultivated in north India, including Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Haryana. Because of high demand in the global market, the government ought to support farmers with more processing facilities than presently available in the North Western India.

Future Market
It is predicted that guar demand would increase further as more people are going to use guar gum in various other industries because of its stabilizing and other characteristics. With more promotion of guar as a cash crop, more prediction of high price and its larger market, production and export is expected specifically from India.

Given the growing demand, more production and processing are required to fulfill the demand in the world market, which is going to bring more revenue and better share in global economy for India.

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