Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Guar Gum Food Thickening Agent – Facts to Know

Guar Gum Powder
There are several thickening agents that are used while cooking. The ingredients that increase the viscosity of fluid or slurries without causing any major impact/change in other coherent properties are considered to be the thickening agents. They concentrate food while ensuring that the cooked food has a thick texture by soaking excess water. These thickeners are mostly used in foods to modify the taste of the food.

Majority of times, they are used as food additives. One of the most widely used vegetable gums is guar gum. It has multiple uses as a food thickening agent.

Why Guar Gum a Good Additive for Food?
Albeit, guar gum powder can be used in various industries too, it is mostly used as a food additive. Due to its solubility properties that withstand different temperature levels, it becomes most desired thickener. It is more soluble than locust bean gum and also a better stabilizer as it has more quantity of galactose. In addition to its affordability, guar gum comes with extra thickening and binding properties. It does not affect the taste of your food, in addition enhances the texture.

Guar gum as Thickeners for Food Industries
It becomes a great additive due to its good chemical and physical properties. It manifests various stability elements in food, and work as stabilizer and emulsifying agent when used in foods. It is used in place of flour in baked food and helps digest the food easily. It is also used in frozen food and deserts. It prevents melting and softens and makes them melt easily after eating.

Due to its various characteristics, guar gum is widely used as a food thickeners and emulsifiers. It has become the gateway for Indian Guar Gum exporters and has paced a better avenue for trading and expanding their business in global platform.

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