Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Contribution of Diesel Slurry Guar Gum Power in Shale Gas and Oil Industry

Diesel Slurry Guar Gum Power, also known as fast hydration guar gum powder, is a category of industrial grade guar gum. This gum power is used in multiple Industries like textile processing, paper, explosives, drilling fluids, cosmetics, ceramics, detergents, paints etc.

Property of Guar Slurry
There is some difference between general guar gum and fast hydration guar gum! In regular guar gum the desired viscosity is attained after two hours wherein the same viscosity in fast hydration guar gum is achieved in a few minutes. Due to this property, diesel slurry guar gum power is accepted as the ideal ingredient for oil and shale gas industry to enhance their production.
Diesel slurry guar gum power is also known to have various other names like fast hydration guar gum, rapid hydration guar gum powder, guar slurry etc.

Use of Guar Slurry in Oil Industry
  • It is used in all rheological need of water-driven and brine-based drilling liquids. It acts as surfactant, defoamer and synthetic polymer in several industries.
  • In all industrial requirements of oil well drilling, constant fracturing and diesel slurry the fast hydrating and diesel slurriable guar gum is used.
  • It is used in various phases like viscosity control, water loss control, for lubrication etc.
  • As the fast hydration guar slurry‘s basic function is to achieve viscosity in few minutes, it is most prominently applied for cooling of drill bits, cementing slurries and mud drilling where due to friction quick hydration and viscosity are needed.
  • It is also used as stabilizer, suspending agent and thickener in oil well fracturing, mud drilling and oil well stimulation.
Due to special quality, guar slurry guar gum powder plays an important role in increasing the industries’ capacity to sustain oil recovery. It is one of the most important suspending agent in the absent of which smooth and seamless functioning of oil industry is not possible.

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