Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Application of Tamarind Seed Powder in Pet Food, Food, Mining, & Textile Industries

Tamarind Seed Powder Industrial Uses
Tamarind gum is derived from endosperm of the tamarind seeds and is used in paper, food, textile and many more industrial sectors. It is applied as emulsifier and stabilizer in the food industry.
Components of tamarind gum have the potential to spread easily in water and converts into a sticky fluid on heating, in thermal resistant liquid and acidic form.

Food Processing Industry
In the manufacturing of sauces, ketchups, baked food, meat product, ice cream and instant noodles this tamarind power is used. In pet food it is used as an additive. It is considered to be a souring agent in Indian curries. Because of its sugar and acid content the pulp of tamarind is used in preparing curries syrup and several other beverages.

Pet Food
Due to its potential to control viscosities when mixed in solutions, it becomes a great viscosifier, used in pet foods. Being a great thickening component it is used in manufacturing of canned pet foods meant for dogs and cats.

Textile Industry
Tamarind kernel powder is also applied in textile thickening and textile sizing. Again due to great thickening property it makes an excellent thickening agent for textile industries.

Mining Industry
Because of its excellent soil stabilizing property, tamarind seed powder is high in demand in mining industry, especially in gas and oil drilling industries.

As it’s obvious, tamarind kernel powder has nutritious properties that make it applicable in various industries. It offers a wider spectrum of business gateways to Tamarind Seed Powder Manufacturer & Exporter because of its multifarious usages.

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