Monday, 25 August 2014

Facts about Guar Gum Powder

Today, there are myriads of health supplements on the market. Guar gum is said to provide nutrition and health benefits for several individuals. Let’s understand about some facts and benefits of this miraculous fiber.
What is Guar Gum?
It is a dietary fiber, produced from the guar plant, usually added to foods as a thickening, and binding agent. Guar Gum powder is also used in various creams, lotions and medicines for the same purposes. Albeit, study of the potential health uses of this compound are still on, but there are quite a few that have become popular.
Helps Weight Loss
Fast hydration gum is used by some individuals to cut down weight. The cause is, it contains fiber that leaves one feeling satiated for a longer span of time. In addition, guar gum's health benefits are considered to be effective in fighting diarrhea and constipation. Till date, there is not enough evidence to substantiate this argument of its effectiveness in weight loss.

Lowers Cholesterol

People suffering from high cholesterol can be interested in guar gum's health benefits. It has been theorized to help reduce bad cholesterol levels. Research on the use of guar gum as a cholesterol combating supplement is promising. When fused with pectin and dietary fiber, the component can reduce bad cholesterol without harming the levels of good cholesterol.

Fights Diabetes

Its nutritional values help fight diabetes too. It has been shown to actually reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics when consumed with meal. Research in this area is still on.
In spite of its popularity as a weight loss supplement, the nutrition benefits of guar gum don't include weight loss. It does, nonetheless, help diabetics and people with high cholesterol. The investigation for other benefits is ongoing.

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