Wednesday, 24 July 2013

How Tamarind Gum Powder is Prepared and its Applications?

Tamarind kernel powder is obtained from tamarind seeds, while tamarind gum is obtained from the endosperm of the seeds of tamarind tree. It has application in various industries like food, textile, paper, mining, etc. In food industry, tamarind gum is used as a stabilizer and emulsifier. Molecules present in it get spread easily in water and turns to gluey fluid, when it is heated up in acidic form and forms a thermal resistant solution. 

There are several reputed tamarind seed powder exporter in India, who provide quality range of tamarind seed powder for varied needs. Let us learn more about how tamarind gum powder is prepared and its applications. 

How tamarind gum powder is prepared from its kernel or seeds?
The powder is obtained from seeds of tamarind. Its seeds of different grades are grounded methodically to powder at the same time conserving nutritive properties present in them. The seeds are then decorticated & roasted. The kernel of the seeds is then sorted based on their color for obtaining tamarind kernel powder.

  • Food Processing Industry – It is used in manufacturing sauces, instant noodles, ice-cream, ketchups, etc. Due to acid and sugar content, tamarind pulp is also used in preparation of variety of food beverages and curries. Its kernel powder makes up for a great viscosifier of addition in pet foods as it has better ability to control viscosities, when added in certain types of solutions.
  • Textile Industry – It is used as textile thickeners and textile sizing purposes. Its thickening property makes it as an excellent thickening agent in textile industries.
  • Mining Industry – It is widely used for mining purposes, due to its brilliant property of soil stabilizer. Its specific areas of application include gas and oil drilling industries.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry – It is used for dissolution improvement and is also assessed for its appropriateness as a carrier to improve dissolution rate of poor water-soluble drug celecoxcib. It is also used to manufacture bio-adhesive tablets.

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