Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Selecting a Processed Tamarind Seed Powder Exporter

There are several reputed tamarind seed powder exporter in India, who provides fine quality of tamarind seed of tamarind plant at much affordable rates. Tamarind gum is exported internationally to number of countries namely USA, UK, etc. apart from India. Thanks, to the advancement in technology and machinery that have speeded up the production process besides increasing efficiency level to satisfy the growing demand for tamarind seed powder.

When compared to the traditional process of manufacturing tamarind gum, the advanced production processes saves much time and increase cost-efficiency of the manufacturers, who can scale up the capability to produce bulk quantities of tamarind gum derivatives like tamarind gum splits, tamarind meal for general use in various industries for different countries across the globe. As per estimation, about 6 to 8 lakh tonnes of tamarind gum derivates are being produced annually in India, which is finely processed at various production units comprising of latest technology machines.

A well-planned procedure is followed for processing of tamarind gum which starts with separation of germs and husk from tamarind seeds obtained from the plant. Seeds are carefully selected and subjected to number of processes like roasting, polishing, grinding, etc. The refined tamarind gum splits are then further processed and are screened to remove unwanted particles or dust from them. After this, the tamarind gum splits are then pre-hydrated by mixing appropriate amount of water in double cone mixer.

Hydrated splits are then passed through flaker, and then the flaked splits are grounded, dried & powdered. In order to obtain fine quality of tamarind gum powder, the obtained tamarind seed powder is sieved. This process helps to produce the finest tamarind seed powder.

For your tamarind seed powder requirements, you can approach reputed and trustworthy tamarind seed powder manufacturer and exporter of your region.

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